Ebros Tribal Native American Indian Chief Warrior with Eagle Roach Headdress On Horse with Shortbow and Arrow



  • This Indian Warrior With Eagle Roach Headdress Statue is made of designer polyresin, hand painted and polished individually.
  • This Indian Warrior With Eagle Roach Headdress Statue measures 9″High, 10″Long and 3″Deep approximately. The statue weighs about 2 lbs and 2 oz.
  • They make wonderful gifts and decorations for offices, living rooms, patriotic individuals, and Native Americans. This sculpture is not made by a Native American Indian.
  • This brave indian warrior chief wears the eagle roach headdress. Riding on his faithful steed Appaloosa horse, he leads the charge at his enemy with a shortbow and arrows. The Indian Shortbows are well known for it accuracy and its effectiveness during battles or hunts. A skilled bowman warrior can pierce an arrow through the body of a buffalo.
  • Soda can placed next to the statue is not included with the listing. It is meant to provide size perspective of the item.