Stonehaven Troll Mechanist Miniature



  • This 90mm tall (71mm from the feet to the eyes) Troll Mechanist has a great amount of detail for Dungeon-crawling, RPGs and table top war games.
  • Miniature could be used as a Giant, Troll, Mechanist, Mechanic, Slave-Driver, Bad Guy. This Troll Mechanist is equipped with heavy club, mechanical arm, mechanical leg.
  • Gears 65mm Scenic Base included. Miniature is cast in Urethane Resin.
  • The pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.
  • The high quality miniatures are made of 100% Urethane Resin, and come unassembled and unpainted. Some filing may be needed to clean up excess flashing, or sprue. Choking hazard – Not suitable for Children 14 and under.